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Ayesha Burdett, Ph.D.

Curator of BioScience

University of Melbourne

Zoology, Geography



University of Melbourne




Charles Sturt University

Environmental Science




I am interested in community ecology in freshwater systems. Freshwater communities are influenced by many factors, and I look at how aquatic invertebrate fauna respond. Some of these factors may differ in different places (for example, one part of the river may have different substrate to a different part of the river). Some factors may differ over different time scales (for example, the river may be dry at some times of the year and flooded at other times). In my various research projects, I examine this spatial and temporal variability and the resilience of the invertebrate community.



Selected publications:

  • Burdett, A.S., J.S. Fencl. and T.F. Turner. 2015. Comparison of aquatic invertebrate sampling methods in a shallow aridland river (Rio Grande, New Mexico). Aquatic Biology 23: 139-146
  • Turner, T. F., T. J. Krabbenhoft, and A. S. Burdett.  2010. Reproductive timing and fish community structure in an arid-land river system.  In: Gido, K. and D. Jackson, eds. Community Ecology of Stream Fishes. American Fisheries Society Symposium 73: 427-446
  • Burdett, A.S. and R.J.Watts.  2008.  Modifying living space: An experimental study of the influences of vegetation on aquatic invertebrate community structure. Hydrobiologia 618: 161-173
  • Burdett, A.S., R. J. Watts, and A. Jansen. 2005. Invertebrate fauna of small, temporary wetlands in agroecosystems on the Murrumbidgee floodplain, Australia. Verhandlungen Internationale Vereinigung für theoretische and angewandte Limnologie 29 (2): 961-964

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