Bootheel Volcanic Field

Location: 31° 20' to 32° 20' N, 107° 50' to 109° +' W, Hidalgo County
Age: 35 Ma to 27 Ma

Collection of old calderas in extreme southwestern New Mexico


 Rhyolite, andesite

Geological Overview

These calderas are part of the widespread volcanism that swept the Southwest during the Miocene. Like the Datil-Mogollon field to the immediate north, these have been broken up as part of the Basin and Range faulting and deeply dissected. Nonetheless, the centers of volcanism, and the faul-encircled extremely thick sections of outflow materials such as ash-flow tuffs and thick viscous lavas are evidence for the locations of the original calderas.

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All text and Photo credit due to Dr. Larry Crumpler, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

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