Dinosaur Eggshell Fragments

Dinosaur Eggshell Fragments
Specimen Number: NMMMNH P-26142
Location: Sandoval County, New Mexico
Image By: David Baccadutre

 Not all Jurassic dinosaur fossils are huge. in 1995, a three-year-old boy discovered these small fragments of eggshell of a meat-eating dinosaur in Jurassic rocks west of Albuquerque. The boy was sure he had found dinosaur eggshell, so his father brought the boy and his find to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. Museum paleontologists agreed with the boy--he had found New Mexico's first evidence of Jurassic dinosaur eggs!

How do we know these are dinosaur eggshells? Dinosaur eggshells have a bumpy surface texture and are made of calcium carbonate. Their microscopic shell structure is also distinctive and allows paleontologists to distinguish dinosaur eggs from the eggs of other reptiles.