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Space Week: GLOBE Program

STEM Education Auditorium

The annual World Space Week is the largest international celebration of space science and technology and their contributions to the betterment of the human condition. Find out more about it at "Remote Sensing: Enabling Our Future" is the theme of this year’s event and the museum is hosting three public talks by local experts.

Wednesday, October 5 | 2 p.m.
Citizen Science with NASA and the GLOBE Program
Jeannie Allen, Science Educator, SSAI at Goddard Spaceflight Center

Not long ago the ability to participate in studying the Earth from space was the purview only of scientists with graduate degrees. Since then a revolution has taken place. Data and imagery of the Earth from space are much more accessible to the public, and NASA has begun to engage with citizens to help improve our scientific understanding. NASA and The GLOBE Program are in partnership to engage citizens in measurements of our Earth’s systems, helping to interpret the data from satellites. Citizens will follow specific protocols to measure clouds, land cover, and mosquitoes for a start. Jeannie Allen explains and teaches the big picture of NASA's Earth observations, what it means to be a citizen scientist, and how to use the GLOBE Observer app to become part of a global community.

Jeannie Allen is a space science educator at Science Systems and Applications, Inc. at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, but works from her office at the Museum. She has been an educator for NASA's Landsat satellite mission for 16 years.
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