Museum Visit Activities 

Students and chaperones have a much more enjoyable and productive visit when they have an assignment to complete while they visit the Museum. As a teacher, you can develop materials on your own, or you can use Museum-designed Scavenger Hunts or worksheets.

Click on a link below, print the pages, and copy them for your students to use during their visit to the Museum.

Biology in the Museum (middle and high school)

The Origins (upper elementary and middle, 168 KB PDF)

Triassic: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (upper elementary and middle, 185 KB PDF)

Jurrassic Hall Worksheet: Age of Super Giants  (upper elementary and middle, 154 KB PDF)

The Volcano (upper elementary and middle, 164KB PDF)

The Quaking Earth (upper elementary and middle, 147 KB PDF)

Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt (elementary)

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