The Naturalist Center

photo: Asis Carlos

The Naturalist Center is the hands-on educational room in the museum where visitors of all ages can learn about the natural world of New Mexico. Microscopes, native animals, touch specimens and more wait for your exploration.  

Featured Animal Rescue 

by Linda Walton

We had rescued the juvenile male yellow warbler yesterday. 

A visitor had almost stepped on it. He carried it into the Naturalist Center. He figured we would know what to do. Mike was busy at the time, so I got to baby sit.

I found a box and soft cloth and carefully transferred it into the box and gave it a small amount of water.  It didn't seem hurt anywhere, but it just didn't fly.  It seemed to enjoy being talked to and would turn its little head to look at me. By the time Mike was able to check it out, it started to fly around the room. We quickly closed all the doors to keep it in the room.  When it finally landed where Mike could reach it, Mike carefully picked it up and carried it out side.  It flew away very happy and healthy.   I told Mike I thought it might have flown into one of our windows and just gotten stunned. He agreed.

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