Outreach & Museum-Based Programs

Museum volunteer educators bring natural history presentations into your classroom or at our Museum classroom. All programs align with New Mexico education standards and we customize the program to fit your grade-level and curriculum. These programs are available within 4-to-6 weeks of request and based-on museum educator availability.

Contact Turn on JavaScript! (505-841-2872), to make a reservation.

Creepy Crawlers

Vinegaroons, snakes and toads are a few animals brought into the classroom that teach the importance of even the “Ickiest” animals in a healthy ecosystem. The aim of the program is for students to be aware and respectful for even the ugliest creatures around us.


What is as dinosaur anyway? This program introduces dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals to the classrooms and focus on what dinosaurs were, when and how they lived.

Rock Detective

Students have a chance to look for clues to help identify mixed up rock samples, and then use their new skills to help discover the source of a mystery sample.

Rock Chef

What goes into making a rock? This program explores the difference between rocks and minerals using “recipes” with different mineral ingredients to make rocks.


Students are given a mystery skull, and then try to identify the maker by studying its characteristics. Vocabulary used to describe structures of the skull is developed as students are asked to give a short presentation using words learned over the course of the program.