Permanent Exhibits

Our permanent exhibits offer a rich variety of things to see and do. Meet dinosaurs, see a Mars Rover replica and a moon rock, discover New Mexico's wildlife or trace the history of the personal computer.

Entrance Dinosaurs
Visitors to the Museum are welcomed by two life-size New Mexico dinosaurs that were cast in bronze by Albuquerque sculptor Dave Thomas.
The Hall of the Stars
Explore your night sky!
T-Rex Attack
Visitors to the Museum find themselves face to face with Tyrannosaurus rex in full attack mode, as they round the corner into the Museum Atrium.
The Bisti Beast
New Mexico's newest tyrannosaur is on exhibit in our New Mexico's Seacoast Hall.
STARTUP is the first museum exhibition dedicated to the microcomputer - the little machine that revolutionized the way we live, work and play.
Emergence: A New View of Life's Origins
How and why did life on Earth emerge? New research taking place around the globe-including here in New Mexico-suggests we are close to answering this question.