New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science


Space Science Events

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science has a number of Space Science themed events throughout the year, from Starry Nights to Solar Sundays and more.


Starry Nights 

Starry Nights are monthly evening events where the museum's observatory is open.  Each month we focus on a different space science topic, from the seasons to the planets, astronauts to mythology.  These events feature special planetarium shows, short talks on the topic, and hands-on activities for the whole family.

$8 Adults / $6 Students, Seniors & Members / $4 Children 


Monday, April 14 - Mega Moon & Mars Night

10:00 PM - 2:30 AM

Event starts at 10 pm, eclipse begins around midnight, and total eclipse is at 1:45 AM.

This special edition of Starry Night is planned to witness a once in a lifetime event: the first total lunar eclipse visible from New Mexico in the past several years on the same night that Mars is closest to the Earth!  From 10 PM. to 12 AM, go to the observatory to look at the full moon and the Red Planet.  Also see planetarium shows that point out the main features on Mars and explain why eclipses occur.  The partial eclipse begins around midnight and the totally eclipsed, dark red moon climaxes about 2 AM.  This event will be canceled if the sky is cloudy.


Solar Sundays

May 18, September 21 & November 16, 2014

Solar Sunday10:00AM - 2:00PM

The museum’s observatory offers safe views of the sun Tuesday through Sunday mornings, but this special Solar Sunday event is an opportunity to study our star in greater detail, and have a little more fun too!  In addition to viewing the sun in several ways through a variety of specially-filtered telescopes, fun family activities will demonstrate the power of the Sun’s light, heat, and radiation.  Kids can color their own sun, make solar-powered jewelry, and learn how to protect their eyes in the daytime.  Learn about the tiny rocks that orbit the sun from the UNM Institute of Meteoritics.  The ABC Library System will sign visitors up for library cards and the summer reading program.  Everything is included with museum or planetarium admission!


Ten Years on Mars

This January the Spirit and Opportunity Rovers celebrated their tenth year on Mars, and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History has an exhibit to commemorate the occasion!  Our own Dr. Larry Crumpler is a Principle Investigator for the Opportunity Rover.



Exhibit - Tenth Anniversary of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Mars Photographic Landscape Art

January 23 - June 18th, 2014, free with museum admission.