Temporary & Traveling Exhibits

There's always something new at the Museum! We offer regularly changing exhibitions from across the country and around the world, plus unique displays developed right here in New Mexico.

Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution
Take a journey to New Guinea and the exotic world of birds-of-paradise with "Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution," a National Geographic Traveling Exhibition. Highlighting the groundbreaking research of photographer Tim Laman and Cornell Lab of Ornithology scientist Edwin Scholes, the exhibit features the extravagant plumage, crazy courtship dances and bizarre behaviors of the extraordinary birds.
NatureScapes 2014
This exhibit showcases photographs from the 2014 NatureScapes photo salon. This year's theme honored the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Wilderness Act and celebrates wild areas in New Mexico.
Earth from Space
This exhibit shows rare satellite views of events such as dust storms, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes. It includes several views of New Mexico's amazing landscape as seen from space.