Tusas-Brazos Volcanoes

Location: 36° 30' to 36? 45'N, 106° 18' to 106° 38' W, Rio Arriba County
Type: Four scoria cones and associated basaltic lava flows.
Age: Late Pleistocene

Unusual location on summit of Tusas Mountains; flows from the twin Brazos cones flowed several thousand feet down in elevation along the Brazos Box to the lower elevations at Tierra Amarilla.




Location of the principal vents and lava flows of the Brazos field in relation to the Taos Plateau field (far right). The field is located between Chama and Tres Pieidras. Lava flows from the Brazos cones are exposed south of Chama in a road cut. Digital terrain model base.

Brazos Cliff with Brazos Cones on far right as viewed from the highway south of Chama, New Mexico. Photo L. Crumpler




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All text and photo credit due to Dr. Larry Crumpler, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science 

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