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Garden Workshops for Families

COMING SPRING 2018: Garden Programs!  Check out the garden opportunities that you and your will be able to enjoy!

Garden Workshops for Families provide opportunities for families with children ages 4 to 12 to explore biology, garden practices, soil science, water in the desert, and much more in an outdoor garden setting. This program is hands-on and encourages independent exploration; this is a STEAM program, incorporating creative art, music, poetry with science discovery. Included is a healthy, theme-based snack and a take home packet.

Saturday, October 14 10:00 am—Noon
Prickly Pear Family Workshop
Discover the Fall Garden with your child – Prickly Pear Harvest, Garlic Planting, Windmill Workings, Why Worms, Mulching Manners, and more!
$15 per child & 2 adults
$25 for 2 or 3 children & 2 adults –
Limited to 20 families.
Preregistration required.

Email this registration form to
or call 505 948-1615

To sign up for our Garden at Museum programs for Home School, Play, or School Groups, visit our Outreach Program page on this website.

Please click here to go to the Outreach Program Page.

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