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Young Explorers Camp Programs

You can register for Winter camp here,  Please contact Camp Coordinator Charlotte Rohrbough at (505) 841-2848 or  for any questions or concerns.


  • All camps are for grades K-5th
  • Aftercare will be available from 4:00pm to 5:00pm every day for $10/day
  • Kindergarteners must have experience in full-day classes before attending.


Young Explorers Winter Camp, 2017

Scats and Tracks

December 18th (9am-4pm)

Animals can hide forever but they always leave traces!  Scat in the snow?  Tracks in the mud? Don your detective hat and become an animal sleuth as we ferret out clues for the existence of critters of ALL kinds hidden around us. Explorations will happen inside the museum and outside in our New Mexico landscapes exhibit and the Learning Garden.

Winter in the Wild

December 19th (9am-4pm)

Plants and animals are active in the spring - but what happens in the winter? Put on your warm naturalist cap as we investigate ice, help build habitats, fill the feeder, find out how animals stay warm, and more - exploring the winter garden. Most activities will take place outside in our Learning Garden.

Incredible Predators: NM and Beyond

December 20th (9am-4pm)

Explore the wild and weird world of predators and prey.  Hide? Hurry? Pretend? Venomous or poisonous? Learn of the many ways living things hunt and avoid hunters!  You will see the Dynatheater movie: Incredible Predators and explore items from our behind-the-scenes Bioscience Collection.

Hunt, Discover, Learn: How to Collect!

December 21st (9am-4pm)

Have you ever wanted to start a collection, but didn't know how? We will show you how to get started collecting, how to record data, and then how to store and display your treasures. You will be taught by Mike Sanchez, author of Natural History Collector: Hunt Discover Learn- Expert tips on how to care for and display your collections and turn your room into a cabinet of curiosities.  Everyone in camp will receive a signed copy of the book to continue their collecting adventures.  Build a plant press and collect specimens, assemble a collector’s notebook, and create displays of various sorts with items collected in the museum’s Learning Garden and shared from our teaching collection.  This class will also get a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum’s research collections of rocks, minerals, fossils and bioscience items.

Astronomical Adventure to the Planets

December 22nd (9am-4pm)

Blast off to an adventure that is out of this world!  How many amazing things can we learn about the universe we live in? Join us as we explore the solar system and discover each of the planets.  The Planetarium will even zoom us out to Pluto and beyond! We will get to meet a real space scientist exploring Mars! Our earth based camp will reach for the stars!


December 26th (9am-4pm)

Ready to solve some prehistoric mysteries? Grab your sleuthing cap and your magnifying glass because we are going to be traveling through New Mexico’s Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods to seek clues on how dinosaurs lived. Be prepared to trek through forests, swamps, and seas as we get to the bottom of our prehistoric conundrum! We will even visit the behind-the-scenes Geoscience collection to see fossils not on display in the museum!

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Art of Science

December 27th (9am-4pm)

Engage with the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.  Be an Inventor, Engineer, Biologist and Artist!  We will explore Leonardo’s artistic techniques and scientific wonders.  Come build and test flying machines and catapults, and draw, paint, and write like a genius.  We will investigate his notebooks and compare them to items from the museum’s Bioscience Collection. 

Crazy Critters: from NM to the Galapagos

December 28th (9am-4pm)

From your backyard all the way to the Galapagos Islands, there are crazy-looking plants and animals to discover! Why do they look and act the way that they do? Explore how animals are adapted to their environments and why they can oftentimes look so absurd! We will visit the Naturalist Center to view weird and wild NM critters, and view the Dynatheater movie: Galapagos Nature’s Wonderland.

Nature’s Noises  CANCELED

December 29th (9am-4pm)

Have you ever sat in nature and wondered what made the sounds you were hearing?  Ever pondered how sound was made or how you hear it?  Join us on an aural adventure into nature, sound, and music!  We will surf sound waves as we delve into sound physics, how and why animals use sound to communicate, and the exciting world of music in nature! This camp will spend time in the amazingly interactive Wild Music exhibit.

Ginormous Geology

January 2nd (9am-4pm)

How are volcanoes formed? Why do earthquakes happen? Why and how are rocks and minerals so complex? These are the questions that can be answered by the budding geologist! Become a geologist today and help us unearth the mysteries of our rocky planet! We will visit the museum’s Geoscience Collection and volcano to learn more about NM geology.


  • The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science reserves the right to cancel any event that does not reach a minimum of six participants. A full refund will be given if the session is cancelled by the museum due to low enrollment.
  • Online ticket sales stop 7 days before the event.
  • To inquire regarding any camp openings or scholarship availability, contact Charlotte Rohrbough at or call (505) 841-2848
  • Price per camp (per day): $85.00 (Members: $76.50.  Staff: $68.00. With Scholarship: $42.50)


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