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Asteroid Day

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Asteroid Day is celebrated every year on June 30 because it's the date of the Tunguska Event. This was one of the largest explosions to happen in modern times caused by an object from space entering the Earth's atmosphere. Read more about it in this NASA article written on the 100th anniversary in 2008:

This year's Asteroid Day is mainly an online celebration which can be viewed on the event's main website:
The day includes a huge number of interviews and documentaries including astronomers and researchers who study asteroids. One of them is New Mexico's own Mark Boslough, who was a physicist at Sandia Labs and now works on planetary defense at Los Alamos Labs. Dr. Boslough did groundbreaking research into the power of an asteroid explosion over Chelyabinsk in 2013. Find out more about him here:

The video stream will be shown all day at the museum on the 30th and some simple, stand-alone, asteroid-related activities can be enjoyed nearby. NASA recently donated a scale model of the LUCY space probe to the museum, and it will be on temporary display for the first time. LUCY is a mission to study the Trojan asteroids in the same orbit as the planet Jupiter.  Details about the mission can be found at its website:

At 3 p.m., the planetarium show Incoming! describes asteroids and comets in detail, and current NASA missions to study them are mentioned in the shows introduction. See more details and a preview video about the show here:

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