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Balloon Fiesta Eclipse: Science Talk


A rare and very special event, an annular eclipse of the sun, will be visible along a track through New Mexico at mid-morning on October 14, 2023, the last Saturday of this year's International Balloon Fiesta!  Albuquerque is in the exact spot to see the sun become a perfect ring of light (when viewed safely). Get ready for this amazing experience; it won’t be visible again in this area until 2077!

The Museum's Space Science educators and scientists will present a series of talks before the big day.  This particular program will be hosted by museum adult program coordinator and planetary geologist, Jayne Aubele.  Find out why eclipses happen, what is special about this one, and most importantly, learn how to view it safely.

The talks are being planned for different times and days of the week to allow everyone to attend one.  They are included with Museum or Planetarium admission.  If you can't come to the Museum for this talk, here are the dates and times of future ones:

Thursday, October 5, 5 p.m. in the Planetarium

AND on the week leading up the eclipse, during Balloon Fiesta, short talks by astronomy educators and solar scientists will be offered.  Check back for details.

Included with Museum and Planetarium Admission
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