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Dogs, a Science Tail

Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking or whether she can understand what you’re saying?

Premiering at the

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

February 5, 2022 – May 1, 2022

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This traveling exhibition offers a thrilling new interactive experience highlighting the dynamic bond between humans and dogs that enables guests to explore how dogs think and sense the world around them.


Sniff out the science behind our puppy love! Let curiosity be your guide and discover life from a dog’s point of view in Dogs! A Science Tail, a richly interactive 9,000 sq. ft. exhibition for humans. Experience the extraordinary way a dog sees, hears, and smells the world through fun and unique hands-on exhibits and uncover the science of our enduring bond.

From lovable companions to loyal protectors, dogs have evolved over thousands of years from ancient wolves into the cuddly canines that live and work alongside us today. They can rescue us from peril, provide help to people in need, or offer a furry shoulder to lean on. Dig deeper into these incredible animals and how they communicate with each other – and with us! 

Explore how science is helping us better understand our tail-wagging companions and what makes our relationship one of the most successful interspecies partnerships of all time. Train a virtual dog to heed your commands, clock your running speed against the world’s fastest dogs, and unearth replica fossils of wolves and dogs to reveal their surprising similarities. Guests will also enjoy walking an invisible dog through a neighborhood maze, playing a special game of “pup culture” Jeopardy, and exploring the various careers that involve these intelligent animals. Be sure to record your own story of a special dog and proudly share your puppy pictures in the exhibition photo gallery. 

Don’t miss this chance to discover how dogs have nuzzled their way into human society and into our hearts to become our loyal sidekicks and life-saving heroes. You will never look at dogs the same way again! 


The four sections of the exhibition include:

1.     Tail as Old as Time

2.     Dogs and Humans, Together Forever

3.     The Incredible Dog

4.     Caring for Dogs

You will never look at dogs the same way again

On Exhibit: 
February 5th, 2022
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