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Museum Pricing

  Museum Admission Only Combo Ticket (Museum + Planetarium)
Adults (13-59) $8.00 Not available at this time
Seniors (60+) $7.00 Not available at this time
Children (3-12) $5.00 Not available at this time


Reopening Information

The Visitor Information page on the museum's website has just been updated with the answers to questions you may have about returning to the museum starting today. A limited number of tickets will be available each day and advanced purchase is highly recommended. Several links to the online ticketing system are provided on the page along with the one above. There are also important notices that you may want to be aware of before planning your visit. Find it all here:

Even More New Online Fractals

Thousands of fractal fans continue to enjoy the online programs presented May - July.  A new fractal performance is scheduled to premiere on the museum's Facebook page on August 14.  It will include fractal animations seen during the First Friday Fractal shows that have been presented for over 12 years in the planetarium, but there will be a few different ones from the online videos presented previously.  Don't forget to set a reminder and check out other recent posts:

Goodbye Comet NEOWISE

Comet NEOWISE is moving higher and getting dimmer in the evening sky. It is closest to the Earth on July 23, but as it has gotten farther from the sun, it has also dimmed significantly. At a viewing location away from city lights, it is still barely visible to the unaided eye, but some magnification is now required to appreciate the comet's beauty and structure.

This article includes a sky cart to help find the comet in relation to Ursa Major, which includes the figure of the Big Dipper (located just off the top of the map). At the bottom there is also a link to a live program that the Lowell Observatory is offering on the night of the 23rd:

The picture was taken by Misty Carty, who is an educator at the museum with a graduate degree in astronomy. Her photo was taken from Albuquerque, and the timed-exposure, processed photo makes the comet appear brighter than it will in the real sky.

Tiny Titans Preview

The temporary exhibit Tiny Titans was only open for two days before the museum's temporary closure.  Here's a brief preview video to show what can be experienced when the museum reopens.

Upcoming Events

September 26, 2020 - 7:00pm

Museum educator Dr. Misty will show live views of the moon through her telescope and explain different lunar features.