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Musical Universe featuring Da Terra Meiga


Get ready for the latest project in the New Mexico Culture2 series! The Musical Universe features live music in the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Planetarium, combined with planetarium visuals and mini-exhibit tours.

The performance will include a brief post-show tour of the Wild Music exhibit—a hands-on exhibit about the origins of music and how it is created in nature and by man.

Da Terra Meiga is translated into English as "from the witches' land." This land, located in the northwest of Spain, is called Galicia; and it is from there that Da Terra Meiga comes bringing their original work. The first album of this music group, Guitar and Voice, was recorded in Albuquerque. Very far from their homes, Ruben Cortiñas and Laura Cruz worked together in order to get a very fresh set of original songs in Galician (original Galicia's language). Finishing this first album has been a boost for the band to base their style as Galician Folk Fusion. 

Rev The Music is more than just a music act. Blending the ancient and modern to create a distinct sound, RTM opens a portal to new sonic realms, where voices of the past & future combine to create a musical experience unlike any other.  RTM live shows are infused with theatrics, dance, & visual elements, bringing a bit of magic to this Primal Psychedelic experience. RTM was founded by Rev LeReve Tsolwizar, a veteran of the multimedia arts scene.

New Mexico Culture Squared (NMC2) is a NM Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) project to build and manage partnerships between DCA institutions and cultural organizations that will enhance the impact, effectiveness, attendance, and visitor experience of exhibits and programs of DCA entities. Under the management of AMP Concerts, NMC2 will create programs in collaboration with State Historic Sites, DCA Museums and various cultural organizations with the goal of increasing public programs statewide and promoting New Mexico as a destination for arts and culture.

$8 adults (13 – 59) | $7 Museum members and other age groups
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