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Join us every fourth Tuesday of the month for Science Story Time!  We'll sing songs and read stories, some super silly, to learn about different science subjects.  Explore our topic of the day with hands-on demonstrations and perform exciting, kid friendly experiments!

Ages 0-12 Welcome

Moon Phases Story Time and Activity.

Solar Eclipse Story Time and Activity.

Seasons Story Time and Activity.

Previous Activities for Story Time

Mineral Mondays are held on the first Monday of the month and has now moved online*!

We are still hard at work at the Museum and our experts in Paleontology, Geology/Mineralogy, Volcanology, and Space Science are ready to examine your specimens.

The Young Explorers Camp program offers summer and winter camp programs for children from Kindergarten through 5th grade. During the summer, there are also a few options for campers up to 8th grade. These programs cover a variety of topics, including space, paleontology, nature, biology, and so much more! They are also supplemented by occasional field trips, hands-on science, tours of the exhibits, and interactions with our museum scientists!

Join a community of like-minded teens who want to learn science content, customer service skills, and engage with the public while working as educators in the Museum's exhibit halls. The program is supported and enriched by the active involvement of Museum staff, scientists, curators, and volunteers who share their content expertise and love of their fields with the Junior Docents.

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