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Science Story Time

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Museum Educator Misty Carty is continuing to read Story Time books and demonstrate related activities in these videos.

September Story Time: New Story and Activity available on October 26th at 10 a.m.!

Science Story Time: Ball and Balloon

Science Story Time Activity: Balloon Rocket

Science Story Time Activity: Solar Oven

Science Story Time Activity: At Home Field Jacket

Science Story Time Activity: Virus Oragami

Science Story Time Activity: Home Made Slime

Science Story Time: Bee Dance

Science Story Time Activity: Bee Hotel


Science Story Time: We Are Water Protectors

Science Story Time Activity: Home Made Water Filter

Science Activity: Make a Paper Airplane and Launcher

February Science Story Time: I Am Mars

Science Activity: Make a Rover

January Science Story Time: Charlie and Kiwi, An Evolutionary Adventure

Science Activity: Color Changing Gummy Bears

Science Story Time: Celebrating the Winter Solstice


Science Activity:Chasing Shadows



Previous Story Times


Solar Eclipse

Moon Phases

More Coming Soon!



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