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James Webb Space Telescope Pre-Launch Party

STEM Education Wing

Celebrate the James Webb Space Telescope's mission with local STEM experts, fun activities, and informational videos.  Discover the incredible engineering that lets this unique space observatory study the beginnings of time and look for other worlds like ours.  Table displays will be hosted by astronomy experts from UNM, NASA's Solar System Ambassadors, the Santa Fe Children's Museum, and museum space science staff and volunteers.  Find out more about Webb’s mission at NASA’s webpage:

20 fun paper activities for children will include coloring pages, word finds, constructing a galaxy pinwheel, and more!  Experience VR headset and AR tablet interactives that let you explore each component of the space observatory.  Find out how Webb is basically a much bigger, fancier version of a telescope you may have looked through.  Sign up to be a part of NASA's virtual launch event.

This event is free, but can only be accessed through the building's north door next to the parking lot.  To enter the museum, you must exit through the same door and reenter through the main entrance on the east side of the building.

This is the second of two museum events related to Webb.  On the evening of Dec. 17, a more technical lecture primarily for adults will be presented by UNM astronomy researchers; find out more by clicking here.

Free - Enter Through North Door ONLY
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