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Relaxed Nights at the Museum

1801 Mountain Road NW, Albuquerque NM 87104

Relaxed Nights are evenings for anyone who might get overwhelmed by crowds, sounds, or flashing lights.  Or, for individuals who simply enjoy smaller crowds. The Museum will be sensory friendly with sound turned down, the Bisti Beast will be resting (no movement or roaring), and Planetarium will have the lights on low and the volume turned down.

These sensory friendly evenings are for guests of all ages and will feature special, sensory friendly offerings in the museum on the second Tuesday of March, June, and July from 4-7pm. 

In July we will be exploring the world of chocolate.  Guests will have access to our newest exhibit Chocolate: The Exhibition and will enjoy chocolate themed activities.

Tickets are limited to keep these evenings relaxed. Tickets are $5.  For Military and Veteran discounts, please contact 

For More Information, visit the site page by clicking this link:

or you can puchase tickets by clicking the button below.


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