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Los Piños Volcanoes-Black Butte

34°27'43.3"N, 106°25'51.5"W
Black Butte is a remanant of an older lava flow; the Los Piños volcanoes are small basaltic scoria cones and lava flows
Black Buttes looks like a volcano, but is actually a 23.4 Ma old remant of lava flows; the best estimate of the Los Piños cones is 3.5 Ma
Isolated small volcanic rocks and eruption sites near the southern end of the Albuquerque basin part of the Rio Grande rift
Basaltic to andesitic

Summary of Locations and Known Ages of Volcanoes in the Albuquerque Basin, Rio Grande rift

Black Butte

This is a prominent dark conical hill in the southern Albuquerque Basin. Its isolation, and dark conical form give the impression that it is a small basaltic scoria cone. But, in fact, it is a dark remnant hill of a fairly old (24 Ma) more andesitic lava flow.

Black Butte lies within the southern Albuquerque basin part of the Rio Grande rift. L. Crumpler photograph.

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